Top Sprinter competition: Accreditation holds tomorrow as events would be streaming live!

The biggest Nigerian athletics event in recent years, Top Sprinter competition, is set to get underway on Thursday, September 29th but first, athletes who successfully completed the online registration would have to report at the Teslim Balogun Stadium Surulere, Lagos for accreditation and collection of running bibs tomorrow, September 28th from 9am.

Athletes who registered in the Junior and Youth categories are expected to bring the following:
1) Birth Certificate
2) JSCE result
3) SSCE result (WEAC or NECO)
4) Jamb result.
It’s with excitement that the Top Sprinter organizers, Making of Champions (MoC) announces that the athletics competition would be streamed live to audiences in Nigeria and across the world. This is a groundbreaking feat as it has never happened in the history of Nigerian athletics. MOC is definitely driving at something that would be very beneficial to Nigerian’s.
This was made possible as MOC teamed up with Xteam studios which were their media partners at the inaugural Top Sprinter competition held last year.
According to Xteam studious Creative Director, Seyi Fabunmi, he said,
“It’s a privilege to be partnering with MOC on Top Sprinter once again after shooting the Reality TV show. This is another historic step in MOC’s efforts to revive Athletics in Nigeria and we are delighted to say that we will be bringing minute by minute coverage of Top Sprinter Lagos Relays 2016.
“The world has gone digital, and what we are trying to do is to use the power of media to show the world what MOC and the Lagos State Sports Commission are doing at the Teslim Balogun Stadium through Top Sprinter Lagos Relays 2016.

The entire three-day event will be streamed live on Facebook, and fans can catch all of the fun LIVE on All races will be shown LIVE!”
Even as Xteamstudious teams up with MoC, other Corporate bodies aren’t left out as Lagos State Sports Council (LSSC), Lucozade, Private Sector Health Alliance of Nigeria (PSHAN) and ARCO Group have thrown their weight of support towards the competition.

Photo by MOC
Speaking at the media conference yesterday, LSSC Chairman, Deji Tinubu revealed that the LSSC was pleased to collaborate with MoC to stage the 2nd edition of the Lagos Relays which incidentally kicked off last year. He said:
“Most businesses are run on partnerships and collaborations, and that is one of the reasons why when Mr. Akani came to us, we saw an opportunity to create an enabling environment for something that could potentially become one of the biggest events in Nigeria Sports. What MoC is doing is credible and transparent, and these are the kind of things we want to be associated with.

“We felt that since the Relays are the highlights of Athletics meets around the world, the opportunity was right. We also wanted to have a feel of what MoC is doing so that next year, we will make this event much bigger and better. Imagine a situation where we could fill half of the Teslim Balogun Stadium. That will be a remarkable achievement for Track and Field in Nigeria.”
The Top Sprinter competition has been on the Nigerian trending list for a while now and its expected to live up to it’s hype with over 800 athletes that would participate, among them are Rio 2016 Olympians, Orukpe Erayokan and Divine Oduduru, World Indoors finalist, Samson Nathinel, 2016 World Junior finalist, Mercy Ntia-Obong, 2015 National 200m Champ, Praise Idamadudu, MOC athletes, Eserogehene Oguma, Ifunanya Muoghalu, Chiamaka Egbochinam, Joy Udo-Gabriel, Chibuike Egbochinam, Peter Edwin, Jerry Jakpa and Onengi Ikoko.

Lastly, all the way from the United Kingdom, National Decathlon champion, Peter Moreno will be present. Its going to be the most-talked about meet of this present time. Entry is free on each day. Don’t be left out!!

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My expectations for the incoming AFN board- Kelechi Nwanaga

Kelechi Nwanaga is a 2-time National Champion in the Javelin. She was a Gold medalist at The 2015 All-African Games and at the 2015 Nigeria Sports Award, she won the ‘Discovery Athlete of the year’. Kelechi chats exclusively with ‘Athletic Heat’ as she talks about why she left football to athletics, her expectations for the next AFN board among other things. Read on!


It is a pleasure granting us this interview. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?


My name is Kelechi Nwanaga. I am from Umuoriehi isingwu, Umuahia north LGA. I am from a family of five were all my siblings are sports inclined but I am for now the only one to be at the national level; which is representing Nigeria. I am known to be a javelin thrower but I played football for a long time before moving into athletics which I am grateful to GOD for. I dedicated my all to football but had to stop due to lack of sponsors and i lost an opportunity then, all these resulted to me changing my mindset to go for another sports which is why I chose athletics.


When did you start athletics and what propelled you?



 I began in 2013. Before I started athletics, I went for a screening in Abuja to play football for the national team and I made it but because of the level of corruption in the country I was denied the opportunity of playing for Nigeria. So I decided to do another sport that I had the talent in me to develop and I was encouraged by an athlete from Akwa Ibom to join athletics and that was how I started athletics.



Were your parents in support when you started athletics?

Well, the only surviving parent I have is my Mum, she has been my back-bone, she has been praying for me and her advice has been tremendously helpful.

You started athletics in 2013 and you are the 2-time national champion in your discipline, how did you get to the top?

When I joined athletics, the coach that discovered me, Coach Ubong Isaac from Akwa Ibom, said from the first day he saw me,he saw something unique in me. Alongside the encouragement from my Mum who in her days was also a javelin thrower, I follow her footsteps and with the encouragement from coach Ubong as well, it spurred me up to put my best in my training and that’s why I am where I’m today.

In 2014, you made your international debut appearance where you competed for Nigeria at the African Junior in Ethiopia, where you finished 2nd in the Javelin event. What was the experience like representing Nigeria?


Well, that was my first time representing the Nigeria outside Nigeria. I was scared because the people I met were of different nationalities, I have watched them on TV and so I was just psyching myself that I could do it and at the end I came home with a silver medal.



In 2015, you were at the All-African Games where you surprised everyone and won the Gold medal in your discipline. What did you do differently to win the Gold?

The first experience I had in Ethiopia was what gave me the courage because the distance the winner threw in that competition was the distance I was joking with but due to fear and low self-esteem I lost the gold. When we got back, I had to encourage myself to be the best I could be in order to make the senior team and if I do, I would work extra hard to win the Gold medal and I did.

Apart from athletics, what other sport do you do?

I play Volleyball very well and also I take part in team games and like I said earlier, I was a footballer before delving into athletics. Sometimes I still go for football training but these days I don’t go again because I see that I am at the top of my athletics career and I don’t need anything that would make me have injury which means missing out of competitions for a while.

At the 2016 African Championship in South Africa, you finished just outside the medal zone in 4th position. What would you say went wrong?

Well, I can’t really say what the problem was but all I know is that I changed coach and the coach that trained me prior to the competition gave this kind of program I was into and during the competition I wasn’t able to execute what I had. I was so dull and I tried to do something better but I couldn’t. I thank GOD all the same though I was in 3rd place but the last throw from my opponent pushed me to 4th position and another thing was competing with the African record holder. It was something else!

There were rumors that the Nigerian contingents arrived late at the African championship,was that also a factor in your poor performance?

I can’t say we arrived late, at least we arrived there before the start of the competition. I rested 4 days before my event because it was the last. So I can’t really say it was the arrival date that made us not to perform well and another thing was the weather. The weather was too cold that even after warm-up, you still don’t see sweat.



You were meant to be at the IAAF World Junior Championships in Poland even after been listed for the competition you were later sidelined. How did you feel after the whole incidence?

I knew very well I qualified for that competition but it was a surprise to me when I was called and told they will only be going with the relay team but later on I got information that athletes competing in the hurdles will be going as well. I felt bad when I was watching them on TV especially the throws but I had to summon courage because I see it as one of the challenges in life so I can work harder to throw a great distance with which they would have no choice than to take me.

At the just concluded Rio Olympics in Brazil, where no Nigerian athlete was able to pick up a medal just like in London 2012. Are we going to see a better performance in Tokyo 2020 and what went wrong that you weren’t at Rio?

Nothing went wrong. All that happened was that I didn’t make the standard. If I did, I would have been there. I am hoping to be at Tokyo 2020 Olympics and I’m working towards that and by God’s grace I will be there. Whatever we are doing in life, we have to put God first and without His grace you cant go anywhere. I know by 2020 I should be in my 60-70m throws and if I should be in that range I would be on the podium.

As an elite athlete, how do you get to cope with injuries and how do you treat it?

It depends on the nature of the injury because there are some injuries that just need rest as a therapy and these kind of injuries doesn’t have to stress you, just rest. While there are some that needs medical attention. I usually have a shock at my back because when I started learning how to throw I wasn’t taught the right Technics. So when I started learning the correct way through YouTube videos and correction from my coach, I started feeling the pain that even after my throws, I can’t sit properly till I support it with my hand. So I had to consult a doctor from the AFN and I told him my plight, he told me not to massage the back but I should just rest it and whenever I feel the pain, I should lie down till the muscles relax. It is called muscle contraction. An athlete should not just apply different medications on injuries he/she doesn’t know much about. Some injuries just need ice block as a therapy but when you use hot substances, it would take a longer time to heal. Its better to get enlightened before applying anything.

What are some of the challenges you face as an athlete?

Basically, we don’t have good facilities. Like throwing spikes when representing Nigeria, they would not get the spikes and the one I make use of is the old one that I have.The things affecting Nigerian athletes are uncountable but recently I got relief from the AFN President, Chief Solomon Ogba who bought two Javelin sticks for me and one for the High Performance Center here in Port Harcourt which I use to train as well. 

The Solomon Ogba regime would come to an end by next  year. As an athlete, what do you expect from the incoming board?

My expectations from them is this; already they have seen what has happened, so they should come with something that would make the athletes happy. They should listen to the voice of the athletes and not been so rigid with the athletes because sometimes, some of our officials are too rigid to athletes, that the athletes are now scared to meet them and interact. Like Our President, Solomon Ogba, he isn’t that of a rigid person from my perspective. He is a bit flexible, that you can meet him and tender your problems to him. The only issue is that, you know when a big man have so many subordinates, he gives orders and when its not carried out, everyone looks at you because they believe you are the one to do it. So let the new board listen to the athletes and know their problems and solve it at the right time. 

2017 is around the corner and we all know its the year of The World Championships. How is your preparation towards that?

I can beat my chest for that and I know I’m preparing for that. I have promised myself that I would be there and I would do everything possible, not going the wrong way but for training I would suffer myself. Whatever it takes me in training to be at The World Championships, I would do it. 

Any advice to your fans?

My advice is keep hoping on the Junior athletes that are coming up. We would not dissappiont, we would make y’all proud. If you watch what’s happening now, most of our old athletes would soon hand over the baton to the Juniors that are coming up. Someone like Tobi Amusan who is doing so well in the hurdles, me in the Javelin, Aniekeme Alphonus and Mercy Ntia-obong in the sprints and so many others, we are the hope of Nigeria. I would advice y’all not to lose hope on any of the Nigerian athletes because with God all things a‌re possible.

Thanks so much for your time and we wish you the best.

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Whoop!!! Team Nigeria Paralympians triumph! 

There’s a saying that what a man can do, a woman can do better but in this case, its what the able bodies can do, the disabled can even do it better!  

Watching the Paralympics could be emotional for some people but these special athletes displayed doggedness and ‘never-say-never’ spirit and that their disabilities isn’t an excuse not to excel in whatever they do. 

Even as other countries were vying for spots on the medal table and breaking records. The Nigerian athletes in the Track and Field weren’t left out. Here’s a run through of the Nigerian athletes that participated.

African Record holder in the Women’s 100m – T54, Hannah Babalola was the first Nigerian tracklete to perform on Day 1 as she finished 4th in her discipline to secure a place in the final as one of the fastest loser. 
In the Women’s 100m-T11, Lovina Onyegbule helped by her guide, Chidozie Kalu finished 4th in the Round 1 with a time of 12.70s.

 Meanwhile in the Women’s Shot Put- F56/57 final, Eucharia Iyiazi finished just outside the medal zone in 4th place with a Season’s Best of 9.31m. Mexico’s Angeles Ortiz Hernandez won the GOLD with a distance of 10.94m with Algeria’s duo of Nassima Saifi and Nadia Medjmedj clinching Silver and Bronze medals respectively.

On Day 2, Babalola who made her debut appearance at this year’s Paralympics finished 7th in the Women’s 100m – T54 final. She was the only Nigerian athlete that competed on Day 2.

No Nigerian athlete competed in Track and Field on Day 3 but Day 4 was a day not-to-be forgotten as Laurrita Onye smashed the World Record twice to win Nigeria’s first medal in Athletics. Lauritta was no match for her competitors as her first throw of 7.83m in the Women’s F40 Shot Put was enough to win the title but she went further in her fourth attempt to throw a mind blowing distance of 8.40m breaking the World Record she set in her first throw. 

Lauritta display of Celebration went viral on social media as the Paralympian did not hide her excitement. Another person who was excited over her victory was 5-time Olympian, Mary Onyali who was proud of Laurrita for winning the title wearing her Yali-Yali outfit. 

Day 5 wasn’t rosy for the Nigerian athletes as Lovina Onyegbule who finished 4th in the Women’s 100m -T11 Round 1 despite winning her 200m- T11 with her guide, Chidozie Kalu, they were later notified that she was disqualified for lane infringement and sadly didn’t progress to the semifinal.

While on the field, Friday Aibangbe finished 9th overall with a best throw of 30.02m in the men’s Discus -F11. 

Day 6 was brighter for the Nigerian Track and Field team as Flora Ugwunwa won a Gold medal in the Women’s F54 Javelin. What was significant about her win was the fact that she did it in a Record-breaking style. She threw a distance of 20.25m to erase the World Record of 18.86m set by Tunisian Hania Aidi and the Paralympics Record of 17.89m by Liwan Yang.

No Nigerian Track and Field participated on Day 7 but on Day 8 two Nigerian athletes were expected to compete but only Eucharia Iyiazi who despite finishing 4th in the Women’s Shot Put-F56/57 on Day 1 gathered momentum as she moved a step higher this time to win a Bronze medal in the Women’s F57 Discus final. The four-time Paralympian threw two Season’s Best of 22.07m and 27.54m which was good enough for a medal contention. It’s worthy to note that Eucharia who is a bundle of talent has not returned from a Paralympics Game without a medal since she made her debut in 2004 Athens Games. 

Onye was the other athlete expected to compete on Day 8 in the Women’s F40Discus but for one reason or the other she Did Not Start (DNS). 

Union Bank ambassador, Hannah Babalola took to the track one more time on Day 10 as she finished 7th once again but this time in the Women’s 800m -T54 with a time of 1:56.17s which was not good enough to qualify her for the semis. 

Gold medalist in the Women’s Javelin, Flora Ugwunwa couldn’t replicate that feat again as she finished 6th in the Women’s Discus -F55/54 with a throw of 19.03m.

Despite the low performance of the Nigerian athletes on the last day of the 2016 Rio Paralympics, it was however a wonderful outing and more encouraging than their able bodied compatriots who couldn’t bring back a single medal in Track and Field with the best been Ese Brume who finished 5th in the Women’s Long Jump final.

The first badge of athletes to the Rio Paralympics Games returned to the country on Sunday. They were received by Senior staffs of the Ministry of Youth and Sports Minister, members of the supporters club, well wishers and family members. 

At a brief reception held at the Nnamdi Azikwe International Airport, Abuja, the Acting Permanent Secretary and Director Enterprises Mr. Luka Jonathan Mangset thanked the athletes for representing and making Nigeria proud at the Paralympics.

Speaking on behalf of the Minister, Barrister Solomon Dalung, the acting Permanent Secretary promised that a bigger reception will be held for the team when all other members of Team Nigeria to the games return.

“On behalf of Mr President, Vice President and the Honorable Minister of Youth and Sports, the Permanent Secretary and all good people of Nigeria, I welcome you back to Nigeria. We are celebrating you now because you have done this country proud. History was made with your glorious and victorious outing to the Rio 2016 Paralympics.”

“We appreciate your individual and collective efforts which placed Nigeria on a very prominent position on the medals table.”

“I am happy that Nigeria topped all the African nations in this outing. I want to congratulate you and pray that when the others come, we will give you a more befitting welcome” said Mr Luka.
Team Nigeria to the 2016 Paralympic games won a total of 8 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze medals to place 16th

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Top Sprinter Competition is Back!!!  

The Making of Champions sponsored competition, Top Sprinter, is back bigger and better with its second edition which is set to hold from September 29 to October 1 at the Teslim Balogun Stadium in Lagos.

Making of Champs as they are fondly known, started a project last year to find the next generation of Olympians. The project was welcomed by athletes all over the country as the Top Sprinter auditions were taking around four cities in Nigeria. 

 The train took off from Lagos to Ibadan to Enugu and Benin City. Four Olympic medalists, Deji Aliu, Glory Alozie, Francis Obikwelu and Uchenna Emedolu were celebrity judges at the auditions to select top notch athletes to represent their teams in The Lagos Finals. At the end of the 3-Day meet, Team Aliu was crowned the overall winner. High point of the company’s ‘Reality TV style’ Top Sprinter auditions last year was when the initiative caught the attention of an International renowned media outfit, BBC’s Sportshour leading to an EXCLUSIVE interview with MoC Founder/CEO, Bambo Akani, Top Sprinter Head Coach Deji Aliu and a couple of athletes, Eseroghene Oguma and Ruth Usoro.
Some athletes were selected and sponsored to all the domestic athletics competition in 2016. The company is looking forward to pick more young athletes from this year’s edition to add to these sponsored athletes. In addition to sponsoring all their athletes to competitions, MoC is currently handling the housing, feeding & education of some of their athletes as necessary

This year, the leading sports company in Africa has decided to go an extra mile in gifting monetary and kits rewards to athletes who perform well at this year competition. 
Athletes would compete in Senior, Junior (U-20) and Youth (U-17) categories- the best Juniors and Youth athletes discovered at this edition will be recruited into the 2016 class of the MoC Track Club!

Athletes in the Senior category will compete in just three events – the men and women’s 100m, 200m and 400m – and there are mouthwatering cash prizes up for grabs, as each Top Sprinter 2016 Champion will be awarded ₦50,000, while 2nd and 3rd place finishers will earn ₦30,000 and ₦20,000 respectively. In fact, every single finalist (the Top 8 in each Senior event) will receive their portion of a total Senior cash prize kitty of over ₦800,000!

The Junior and Youth athletes will each participate in over 10 events cutting across the Sprints, Hurdles, Jumps & Throws in both Boys’ and Girls’ categories (subject to enough athletes registering for each event). The winners will go home with gifts which include Spike Shoes, Top Sprinter branded Speed suits and T-Shirt! 
Speaking on the new development, MoC CEO, Bambo Akani said, “It’s been a tough year for Nigerian athletes so we decided to reward some of the country’s best athletes for their efforts. Those who were at the Olympics would be able to compete against others who need a big competition to round up their 2016 Season.”

Calling on corporate bodies, he said, ” Our hope is to award all MoC Track Club Athletes with 4-year Scholarships to start training for the next Olympics right here in Nigeria. We’re calling on Corporate Nigeria to support our mission to develop Nigeria’s next generation of Olympic Medallists. This Scholarship is the first of it’s kind in Nigeria – this is how Champions are made in Jamaica, USA and all over the world.”

Interested athletes who wish to compete at the 2016Top Sprinter competition in Lagos from September 29 – Oct 1 should log unto ” ” to register before the registration deadline on Sunday September 25th. It is mandatory that all athletes MUST register online to be added to the Startlist(s) for their chosen event(s) at the Competition. 
Do note, unlike last year’s edition , athletes WOULD NOT BE sponsored to the competition but are encouraged to turn out in their large numbers in what is expected to be an exciting, interesting and an unforgettable experience. See you there!

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 The Eko Athletics Grand prix lasted from August 31st- 1st of September 2015 and was held at the Teslim Balogun Stadium. Over 200 athletes took part in the competition which seemed very encouraging. The program is an initiative of Lagos state Athletics Association to discover new talents in Lagos state. Only ten events were scheduled for the competition 100m, 100H, 110H, 400m, 200m, 800m, 5000m, 1500m, long jump, shotput and relays.

 The events for day 1 were, 100H, 110H, Shotput, 200m and 400mheats. The 110H for men was a straight final since only six competitors showed up for the event Airen Williams of Osheku won the 110H with a time of 16. 34sec, followed closely behind Martins Christian of Eagle sight 16. 38sec(2nd) and Adams Olumide of Osheku 17.14sec(3rd). The women 100H was also a straight final due to the number of competitors in the event. Adubu Victoria of Osheku clocked a 15.15sec to win the event, closely followed by Alawode Sekinat of Eagle sight(2nd) Akuna Vivian 15.89(3rd) and Henry Emanuella of Osheku 20.67 to place 4th in the 100m women hurdles.

The well known athlete in Lagos state and has represented Nigeria in major meets in the world, Cecilia Francis won the 200 m women with a time of 24.65sec far from her personal best, Adegoke Charity 25.35sec(2nd) Ogundiran Blessing 25.36(3rd), Tavoire Anita 25.37(4th) , Badejo Moyosore 26.13sec(5th), Edun Feyisara 26.35sec(6th) and Lawal Rashidat 26.60sec to place 7th. For the men 200m Jare Folarin of Tonso ran a time of 22.07sec ahead of Badewa Funmilola 22.13sec (2nd), Obute Bamiyo 22.55sec(3rd), Mohammed Sanni 22.82sec (4th), Oni Femi 23.00sec(5th),Great Anaetie 23.05sec(6th), Bello Fala 23.31sec(7th) and Peter Chidera 23.50 sec to come 8th. Jare Folarin who ran impressive time spoke to Athletic Heat

  “I feel very happy and great  to win the 200m because  this is my first medal   from a competition    organised by Lagos state. Moreover,200m is also   my beat event in track and field.

Jare Folarin also went ahead to say he sees himself representing Lagos state in upcoming festival at Calabar in November.
 Moving to the field event, the shotput women final Uju Anoliefo who was already in a world of hers threw a distance of 13.94m to win the event followed by Omizi Sophiat 8.47m(2nd), Monday Comfort 6.85m(3rd), Allinson Azeezat 6.31m(4th) and Arigbubuwo Adeola 5.30m to place 5th. For the men, Isaac Odugbesan threw a distance of 15.02m to place first, Egbeogu Uzodinma 10.71m and Obionora Oghenefejiro 

The day 2 of the competition had the morning and evening session. The morning session began with the women 5000m won by Olamide Oluwaseun of Osheku 18:20:59sec and Saka Sanusi of Osheku won the men 5000m with a 15:29:63sec. 

The 800m women final commenced immediately after the 5000m. The world junior qualifier but was later denied Alabi Aminat won the 800m women with time of 02:14:13sec which she said is a new pb for her. She was followed closely by Diamond Maria 02:14:13(2nd) and Agofure Efe 02:19:61 to come third. Alabi Aminat also had an impressive time to finish second in the women 400m with a time of 55.84sec behind Adegoke Charity 55.45sec to win the race.


Saka Sanusi who had earlier won the men 5000m gave his best shot again in the 800m with a winning time of 1:53:85sec, which he said is a new personal beat for him.

     After her Victory in the 200m on Thursday, Cecilia Francis stormed to victory again in the women 100m with a time of 11.88sec, Okoronkwo Precious of Osheku 12.13sec(2nd), MOC’s Udo Gabriel Joy 12.17sec(3rd), Ogundiran Blessing 12.56sec(4th), Lawal Rasheedat 12.58sec(5th), Omosola Omolayo 13.02sec(6th), Thomas Goodness 13.07sec(7th) and Badejo Moyosore 13.10sec(8th).

 In the 100m men Final, Obute Bamiyo got his first gold in the Eko Athletics Grand Prix with a time of 10.85sec ahead of Funmilola Badewa of Unilag 10.86sec(2nd) and Jare Folarin of Tonso 10.88sec(3rd).

  The well known high jumper in Lagos state who has represented Nigeria in several competitions, recently switched to the long jump. Ayeni Femi won his new event with a distance of 6.98m that stunned everyone even himself. The new long jumper said it is his new personal best. Ayeni Femi looked satisfied and comfortable with his new event that gave him a gold medal. The women longjump wasn’t left behind. The present National Champion at the All Nigeria Championships Okoronkwo Precious won the long jump on Thursday with a leap of 5.40m far from her personal best of 6.24 which she did at the All Nigeria Championships. Omosola Omolayo placed 2nd with a distance of 5.37m.

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